The Louisiana is a versatile and practical disabled bathing solution with walk-in bath facility, enlarged showering area due to the P shape of the bath and powered seat lift to help raise and lower the bather.

Blue_Wide_Cam_Open_LouisannaLiftBlue_Top_Cam_Open_LouisannaLiftBlue_Top_Cam_Closed_LouisannaLiftMosaic_Cam_Front_Open_LouisannaLiftMosaic_Cam_Front_Closed_LouisannaLiftBlue_Wide_Cam_Closed_LouisannaLiftLouisanna Walk In Full Length Bath Without LiftLouisanna Walk In Full Length Bath Without LiftLouisanna Walk In Full Length Bath Without LiftLouisanna Walk In Full Length Bath Without Lift
Product Description

The Louisiana bath is a practical, convenient bathing and showering solution for those with limited mobility. The large full length bath with P shaped curve to expand the shower space, gives users increased freedom whilst bathing.

The Louisiana is ideal for those who want an easy-access bath and shower solution. Entrance is granted by the two internally folding glass doors, which can be supplied in right or left hand options. The optional powered seat with lift control gives those with limited mobility a helping hand getting in and out of the bath and shower. The powered seat can be easily detached for a full lying down bathing experience.

Benefits Include:

  • Powered seat lift with control panel for ease of entry
  • Choose between a hard or soft contoured seat
  • Two fold internally opening glass door entry
  • Leak proof glass doors
  • Optional left or right hand entry
  • Easy to remove seat
  • Two lengths: 1500mm or 1700mm
  • Back up battery power
  • Spa option for increased relaxation


Without Lift

Louisiana Bath Only

With Lift

Louisiana Bath with Lift

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