level access into the new shower area

Bathing Becomes Safer With An Easy Access Shower

Mrs A approached us for a new shower solution. She had been using a bath for many years, but her reducing mobility was beginning to make it difficult to use the bath safely.  Sadly, her condition would only make using the bathroom harder to manage in future. A home visit…

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new easy access shower with seat

Old Bath Out And New Easy Access Shower In

Mrs P approached us for help with refurbishing her bathroom and installing an easy access step in shower to replace her existing bath. We're finding this kind of job is becoming more and more common when people, like Mrs P, start to experience a decline in mobility. As mobility changes…

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new accessible shower area

From Cramped Space To Modern Accessible Bathroom

A recent job illustrates a popular choice for our customers; converting a bathroom with a bathtub into an accessible bathroom with easy access shower. To establish our customer’s needs we first conducted a home appointment.  We discovered that this bathroom already had the best of both worlds with a bathtub…

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Berkshire Banshee Wheelchair Rugby Team With Official Sponsor

Absolute Mobility Announced As Official Sponsor Of Berkshire Banshees Wheelchair Rugby Team

Absolute Mobility Ltd are proud to be announced as Official Sponsors of the Berkshire Banshees Wheelchair Rugby Team. Described by Banshees squad member Umit Akyildiz as ‘wheelchair basketball with added bruises’, wheelchair rugby is a high octane, fast-paced game played on indoor courts. Originally invented in Canada in 1977, it…

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new non slip shower tray

A New Accessible Shower From A Which? Trusted Trader

Mr C was beginning to find his bath a little difficult to use and wanted to replace it with a shower that would be easier to access. So, he decided to look for a suitable firm on Which Trusted Traders. How to find a reputable accessible bathroom fitter Which? Trusted…

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new walk in shower with level access

A Wet Room Style Shower

Mrs U was a previous customer having used our services about four years ago to have a walk-in bath fitted. She recently got back in touch with Absolute Mobility for help with her shower cubicle which had a very high step. Having had the opportunity to use someone else’s wet…

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recently installed cambridge walk in bath

A Walk-In Bath With Power Seat Was The Ideal Choice

Mr and Mrs G moved to a new property that had a shower. Although they got along with the shower they decided they really missed a bath and set about looking into an easy access bath which could be used with their level of mobility. Both had used a standard…

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wet room style disabled shower

An Easy Access Showering Solution

A recent client took the decision to move to a bungalow as he required a ground floor bathroom that could be converted for use by his disabled son. His son used a walking frame and sticks and needed a bathroom he would find easy to access and use. Taking a…

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new easy to access shower

New Easy Access Shower Makes Bathing Easier Following Back Operation

Mr and Mrs B were both experiencing declining mobility. After one of them had a back operation, they decided to make their bathroom easier to use by replacing their bath tub with an easy to access shower. They contacted Absolute Mobility for a quote and decided to go ahead with…

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easy to access wet room

Converting To An Easy To Access Wet Room

During a stay in hospital, Mrs J had opportunity to use an accessible wet room and found it to be a big improvement on the shower room she had at home. The level floor gave easy access and the wide open space provided an obstruction free shower area. On her…

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new easy access shower with shower seat and grab rails

Replacing A Bath With An Easy Access Shower

Mr Y approached us looking for an easy access shower. He was finding his bath had become very difficult to use, a situation that had crept up slowly, and now just wanted to replace the tub with a shower that would be easier to use. New bathroom or new shower?…

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renovated bathroom designed for someone with arthritis

An Accessible Bathroom To Help With Arthritis

One of our recent customer's arthritis had worsened to the point that he was struggling with the bathroom. His son had learnt of his difficulty and was keen for him to change the bathroom to an easy access solution, so he put him in touch with us and some other…

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wooden slatted fold up shower seat

Future Proof Your Bathroom

Even at the best of times, the bathroom can be a hazardous place, accounting for a large number of accidents in the home. It does not help matters if you are getting unsteady on your feet. Increasingly a number of older people, who are in good health, are preparing for…

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Occupational Therapy

Choosing An Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists (OT's) are popularly associated with the advice they can offer to employees and employers on setting up desks, chairs and workstations to ensure people do not develop repetitive strain conditions. However, their scope of expertise is much wider than this. They also assist people who are disabled, recovering…

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shower head

How To Create A Safer Showering Area

A typical standard shower can present hazards to people with reduced mobility. Getting into and out of the shower can sometimes be awkward as most showers have a step height of around 10 inches that can be difficult to step over, which can result in trips and falls.  Cubicles are…

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accessible bathroom with walk in shower and bath

A Mobility Friendly Bathroom

Mr D has issues with his spine that affect his daily mobility, making performing tasks in the bathroom difficult. He had a large bathroom with a shower and bath in it, but they were unsuitable for his level of mobility. Absolute Mobility were approached to help make improvements that would…

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fold up shower seat and shower thermostat

A New Easy To Access Shower

We were approached by Mr P's daughter for help with making improvements to his home that would allow him to retain his independence, and remain living in his home rather than a care home. Whilst he wished to avoid the move to a care home, he was aware it may…

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New shower area with half height doors

An Easy To Access Shower To Replace An Impractical Bath

After we completed a new bathroom for one of our customers, her friend, Mrs T, paid her a visit and took a look. She was very impressed and decided she would like something similar as her arthritis now made stepping into the bath quite difficult. Her deteriorating eye sight also…

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The luxor walk in bath with powered lifting belt

An Arthritis Friendly Bathroom

One of our recent jobs was for Ms T who has arthritis in her shoulders and elbows. She was enjoying her retirement by refurbishing her home room by room and now turned her attention to the bathroom. Due to her reduced mobility her bathroom was becoming difficult to use and…

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accessible showering area with half height carer screen

An Accessible Bathroom To Cope With The Needs Of Motor Neurone Disease

Following a diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND) Mr B began looking into adapting his home to make it more suitable for him to use. He already had a through the floor lift on order when he contacted us about his bathroom. Although in the early stages of his diagnosis,…

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care roadshows logo

Absolute Mobility At The Care Roadshow London On 13th November

This year Absolute Mobility will be attending the Care Roadshow at Epsom Downs Racecourse, London, on 13th November. We're at Stand 18, where our reps will be available to help you find out more about our bathroom fitting service for your Care Home. We can refurbish your existing bathrooms as…

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care roadshows logo

Absolute Mobility At The Care Roadshow Cardiff On 23rd October 2018

This year Absolute Mobility will be attending the Care Roadshow in Cardiff on 23rd October. We're at Stand 8, where you can meet our reps and find out more about our bathroom fitting service for care homes. This usually involves either refurbishing existing bathrooms or creating new fully functional easy…

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man enjoying bike ride in countryside

How Exercise Brings A Better Quality Of Life

As we're often told by doctors and medical professionals, the better care we take of ourselves through eating healthily and doing regular exercise the better quality of life we can expect as we age. However, it seems that many of us find it difficult to follow this sound advice. According…

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womens feet tripping over electrical cord

How To Minimise The Risk Of Falls In The Home

With advances in healthcare, improved living standards and a general trend towards eating better and exercising more, many of the population are now enjoying a much longer and healthier life. Evidence of this is seen with many people now living into their 80s and 90s. However, this longer life isn't…

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Toddler trying to get into bath

Overcoming Mobility Problems Associated With Using The Bathtub

Anyone suffering from reduced mobility, whether temporary or permanent, can find the normally simple task of having a bath quite difficult. Here we look at some of the specific problems that can be experienced, alongside a range of solutions that will make using the bathtub safe and easy. The problems…

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elderly male female toilet sign

When Is It A Good Idea To Fit An Assisted Toilet System

Using the toilet safely and comfortably is one of those things we take for granted, until reduced mobility makes it difficult to do so.  Changes in the body's ability to balance, co-ordinate hand and arm function or a weakening of muscles and joints can all impede the ability to continue…

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multicoloured rubber ducks

Should I Choose A Walk in Bath, Shower Or Wet Room?

When it comes to upgrading the bathroom to provide assistance when mobility is starting to decline, we're often asked which is the best solution between a walk-in bath, an easy access shower or a wet room? There is no one answer, as each comes with its own advantages, and disadvantages,…

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toilet riser

Is A Toilet Riser Any Good?

As we all get a little older, it's not uncommon for everyday actions to become a bit more difficult to do. We might notice that getting in and out of chairs takes more effort, or that going up and down the stairs takes more time and can leave us feeling…

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