The very latest in walk-in baths! The Easy Riser comes with a power seat to provide assistance lowering and raising into the bath.

How Long Do Walk In Baths Take To Fill Up?

The idea of a walk-in bath with a lower entry threshold is appealing, and there are many different options for improving the accessibility of bathrooms, which can cater for bathrooms of different sizes.

From baths with a door, smaller tub style baths or combination walk-in shower baths, the principle of the walk-in bath works similarly regardless of the particular design you choose, and is one of a range of bathroom adaptations to choose from.

You step into the easy access tub, close the leak proof door and fill up the bath once you are inside the tub.

How long it will take will depend on your boiler and the thermostatic control system used to manage the bath’s temperature, as it will use both the hot and cold water supplies to ensure your bath water is the perfect temperature.

Generally, it will take five minutes for the temperature control system to manage the boiler, and another 15 minutes to fill up a standard bath, although this can depend on your boiler. Once you set the temperature you want however you only need to wait for the bath to fill up, then enjoy a relaxing soak.

Once you are finished, the final step is to ensure the bath is drained as well before you open the door. Due to water pressure, the door will stay closed until the bath is fully drained, which will take less than five minutes due to the use of multiple wastes to allow water to escape.

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