The Molly Bather

The Molly Bather is one of the most versatile bath lifts on the market. It allows you to use the full length, width and depth of your existing bathtub whilst providing the support you need to lower and raise yourself in and out of the tub with ease.

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    Key Features

    • Extendable belt from the transfer stool which can attach to the grab rail
    • The padded transfer stool which allows safe entry and offers a place to sit and dry yourself
    • Lift lowering and raising at the press of a button
    • The belt can be unclipped from the grab rail and retracted back into the stool so others can enjoy a normal bath without any inconvenience.
    • Unique slip cushion made from a special closed cell foam which is water repellent and machine washable.
    • A rechargeable battery pack to power the lift
    • A height-adjustable stool that lets you pick the setup that suits you
    • A choice of sturdy grab rails to ensure there will always be one within your reach
    • Satin aluminium and stainless steel construction so your Molly Bather will last for years to come
    Additional information

    Additional information

    Maximum User Weight

    140kg / 308lb / 22 stone