Make bathing a simple pleasure again with the Affinity easy access bath. Safe, easy to use and with all the features you expect from walk-in bathtubs for elderly and disabled people, the Affinity’s space-saving footprint also makes it a great choice for smaller bathrooms.


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Of all the walk-in baths in the UK, the Affinity leads the way in simplicity and price.

Featuring thermostatic anti-scald taps, a slip-resistant base and low step-in threshold, this easy access bath puts your safety first.

This is not just any bath with a door. The Affinity’s specially designed, watertight hinge allows it to open inwards so you can get in and out with ease.

Add in the fact that it’s one of our many baths with seats, has dual wastes and a hydrotherapy spa option we have just one recommendation – step in, sit down and enjoy!

Additional information

Additional information


H: 860mm, L: 1050mm, W: 665mm

Water Capacity

200 Litres