A generously sized walk-in bath for those requiring more space than a standard walk-in bath.  Deep and wide, the upright position ensures a secure position for the less mobile bather.

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The Plymouth is the perfect alternative to a standard bath for those who require a generous bathing area that is both deep and wide. Upright seating position provides a secure and safe bathing position, complimented by an inward opening door with an internal locking mechanism. A lifetime guarantee on the door seal provides added peace of mind.

The Plymouth walk-in bath is designed to fit in the space of a traditional bath but it’s generous depth allows for a more comfortable bathing experience. The integral seat also ensures a more upright position for the bather.

Key Features:

  • A broad bath for a deep soak
  • Low-level access
  • Slip-resistant seat and base
  • Leak-free door with lifetime seal guarantee
  • Internal locking mechanism
  • Inward opening door with side entry
  • Left or right hand options
  • Air spa option

When should you consider this model:

  • When seated bathing is preferred for added comfort
  • When a conventional bath is being replaced
  • When a low-entry step is required for easy entry
Additional information

Additional information


H: 1015mm, L: 1195mm, W: 715mm

Water Capacity

300 litres