The Cambridge is a great full-length bath. It comes with a powered seat that makes getting up and down, and into and out of the bath a breeze.

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The solid GRP lifting seat has simple push button controls, complemented by a battery backup, so you’re covered in the event of a power failure. And with a 26 stone (165kg) safe carrying limit and battery back-up, you can stop worrying about getting into and out of your bath and just enjoy it instead.

The easy access door opens inwards in left or right-hand options to accommodate the layout of your bathroom and a choice of 1500mm and 1700mm makes this bath one that’s easy to say yes to.

Some of the additional feature of The Cambridge include:

  • Compatibility with hot tank or pressurised supply, cold tank or mains supply
  • TMV3-standard thermostatic temperature control
  • A choice of left and right-handed models
  • Inward-opening door and secure locking mechanism
  • Non-perishable silicone seals guarantee that your bath is leak-proof for life
  • Optional 1400mm high x 750mm wide x 6mm thick shower screen made from safety glass. Designed specifically for use with the bath. Swings away when not needed or when entering or exiting the bath.


L: 1500mm or 1700mm

W: 700mm

H: 568mm

Capacity 210 litres (1500mm)

220 litres (1700mm)

Additional information

Additional information


H: 568mm, L: 1500mm or 1700mm, W: 700mm