VSG1 Non Return Valve Gully

£60.00 + VAT

VSG1 is only 75mm and the valve is a substitute for a regulatory water seal trap

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    • There are currently no regulations to cover the use of anything other than water seal traps in domestic drainage systems. Although valves have been in existence for sometime, it is advisable to seek guidance from the local building control department prior to use.
    • Acts as a non return valve, the weight of the water discharge will open the valve and it will re-seal when the discharge has ceased
    • Eliminates the release of foul air due to back flow.
    • Can be easily removed to facilitate easy cleaning of the gully
    • Minimum flow rate of 30 litres per minute when tested with a 15mm head of water
    • Push on cover plate, will remain in place when pressure is applied from a wheelchair or when stood on
    • Suitable for use with flexible sheet flooring
    • Use with our Eco-dec® & ShowerDec range of floor formers
    • Supplied with a FLEXCON6 1½ flexible compression connector to assist installation