Discontinued: The Relaxa

Product discontinued: Please consider The Molly Bather as an alternative solution or contact our friendly team for further advice.

A belt-style bath lift that could be fitted in less than 3 hours.

The Relaxa bath lift was a simple option for the whole family. With its retractable seating belt, you will not need to worry about lifting a heavy portable bath lift in and out of the bathtub each time you want to enjoy a nice long soak.

The Relaxa bath lift had a built-in digital water temperature display as well as a probe which could tell you how hot the bath was before you got in so you could be sure to always avoid scalding.

How the mechanism worked

  1. Push the rechargeable battery into the slot (holds 20 lifts per charge)
  2. Feed out the belt
  3. Attach the belt to the mounting bar placed on the opposite side of the bath and ensure tension
  4. Place yourself on the belt, and with the press of a button, feel yourself be lowered gently into the bath
  5. Once you’ve enjoyed a good, relaxing soak, just touch another button and let yourself be gently lifted out of the bath
  6. The belt is made of strong polypropylene so it’s sure to last, and the battery is easy to slot in and remove for overnight recharging.
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    Additional information

    Maximum User Weight

    125 kgm (20 stone)