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When Is It A Good Idea To Fit An Assisted Toilet System

Using the toilet safely and comfortably is one of those things we take for granted, until reduced mobility makes it difficult to do so.  Changes in the body’s ability to balance, co-ordinate hand and arm function or a weakening of muscles and joints can all impede the ability to continue using the toilet without the help of another person. If a wheelchair or frame is required, this can restrict access to facilities even further.

Anyone experiencing a decline in their mobility may also find the challenges they have with sitting up and down affect their ability to use the toilet with ease.  Inevitably this can be a blow to one’s confidence. It’s at this time that many feel feel motivated to find a solution that helps them to continue using the toilet without the need for care or assistance.

When it comes to looking for help with using the toilet a number of assisted solutions are available that help with both getting on and off the toilet, and  cleaning and drying once finished.

Solo Toilet LiftFor example a Bio Bidet BB1000 replaces the toilet seat on a regular toilet and provides a wash and warm air dry function.  This eliminates the need for toilet paper, as well as the awkward twisting and turning associated with traditional toilet paper that can cause pain and discomfort.

A Solo Toilet Riser provides lifting assistance with getting on and off the toilet. It is a frame that slides over the existing toilet pan and operates through a similar plane of movement as a rise/recline chair, permitting easy access on and off the toilet.

More advanced solutions, such as a Clos-o-Mat or Gerberit, are often specified by Occupational Therapists, and are well made, durable pieces of equipment. The douche cleaning function is integrated into the toilet unit providing a purpose built toilet solution and it is particularly suited to long term situations.

Any of these solutions can be easily incorporated into a new bathroom fitted by Absolute Mobility. If you are in a position to begin obtaining quotes for a new fitted bathroom for someone requiring additional assistance and would appreciate some expert advice, please feel free to get in touch with Absolute Mobility today on 0800 2922 110.

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