What is a Wet Room: The Benefits

A wet room is a waterproof room which a user can shower in. In effect the whole room acts as a shower enclosure, with the waste water going directly onto the floor and draining away. The main advantage is that there are no shower step heights as the floor of the wet room is all one piece, with a slight gradient to allow water to drain away. Shower doors can be added to enclose an area if required, but due to the unique properties of a wet room they are not essential.

The whole room will need to be effectively waterproofed. It can be a complex job, requiring knowledge and skill on the part of the installer to ensure a reliable watertight room is constructed. Anyone contemplating a wet room should enlist the services of a competent bathroom specialist, such as Absolute Mobility, who specialise in bathroom adaptations for people with mobility needs.

Once constructed the wet room will provide a long lasting and flexible showering space. If required a bath can also be added. As mentioned, shower screens and doors can be added in any position. Half height screens would be of particular advantage, as they allow a carer to remain dry whilst assisting someone in the showering area. A wet room allows great flexibility for a mobility bathroom adaptation and ensures the bathing area is ready for any future decline in the mobility of the end user.

Benefits of a Wet Room

From the mobility bathroom standpoint a wet room has much to recommend it. As already mentioned, a wet room has no shower step height for the user to negotiate, so the floor is totally flat, though there will be a slight gradient to allow water to drain away. The whole room can be thought of as a waterproof “tank”, so need to worry about water splashes.

As the whole room is an open shower space there is no impediment to access or use of the shower. This makes a wet room an ideal future proofed solution, permitting changes to any shower doors or screens as time goes on. A shower seat and grab rails/support poles can be added if required and moved to accommodate changes in future mobility needs.

A stylish finish can be achieved with a wet room as the choice of materials is almost unlimited. For a mobility bathroom, anti-slip flooring will always be used and a good choice is available. The walls can be finished in a choice of tiles or waterproof cladding, allowing some truly stunning wet rooms to be created. To begin your wet room journey, get in touch with Absolute Mobility today to arrange a no obligation home appointment and design consultation.

See Absolute Mobility’s web site for full details of their products and services. Call 0800 29 22 110 to discuss your requirements or book an appointment with their Mobility Advisor. Alternatively, if you are local to their Henley on Thames showroom, you can call to arrange an appointment to view and try out examples of their accessible shower installations and walk-in baths.

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