Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are practical alternatives to traditional bathrooms. This bathing solution provides an easy-to-clean, contemporary  and safe shower space for elderly or disabled people.

Wet rooms can either be additions or retrofitted into an existing space. First, the floor of the bathroom is fitted with a gradient fall shower tray former. Shower tray formers drop right into the floor and are sloped to allow water to drain. Waste pumps are added if the pre-existing drainage system is not adequately sloped.

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    Absolute Mobility can design a wet room to feature a stand up or sit down shower. Floors may be finished with anti-slip vinyl for safety. Half-height doors, disability access screens or even full glass enclosures are all possibilities.

    Most wet room’s designs are already wheelchair-accessible, but if required shower seats, grab rails and pull down shower heads are easy to add.