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Plan ahead to prevent future bathing problems

If someone’s mobility is becoming impaired by the onset of old age problems or a disability, some thought should be given to future needs around the home, especially the bathroom. Some medical conditions can lead to a decline in mobility as time goes by, making a bathroom that is manageable today, difficult to use in future.

Unfortunately, the bathroom is the room in the home most responsible for injuries arising from trips and falls and a large number of people over the age of 65 hurt themselves in this way each year. If you or a loved one is beginning to find the bathroom a little more difficult to negotiate, don’t delay or pretend there is not a problem. It is better to take action now to prepare for the future and make the bathroom a safe and pleasurable space to use.

Designed with you in mind

When changing the bathroom and adapting it, the end user’s specific needs should be taken into account. Some of these considerations will be common sense, but many may be trickier to resolve and require specialist knowledge. Absolute Mobility has many years experience designing and installing mobility bathrooms and it can be worthwhile engaging this kind of professional expertise to ensure the job is done properly.

Your comfort and safety is a priority

Any bathroom adaptation needs to make the bather’s life safer and easier as well as enjoyable. Inexperience in adapting bathrooms for people with mobility needs, may well lead to a finished bathroom being unsuitable for the person it is designed for.

If engaging a regular plumber or “man with a van” they will likely not know what to design and install, leading to expensive mistakes being made and the job having to start again. Some mobility needs can be specific and complex and in these cases a service like Absolute Mobility’s should be the first port of call not the last.

In the early stages of declining mobility, some simple solutions, such as bath boards, grab rails or steps may help in the bathroom. However, a sensible action plan, with an eye on the future, should recognise when these basic additions are no longer workable and the bathroom itself requires a substantial change. It is then the time to engage the services of Absolute Mobility, who can look at installing new walk-in baths, easy access showers or wet rooms.

Should you wish to discuss options for your bathroom, and find out what changes will help create a safe space in which to bathe, please feel free to speak to Absolute Mobility or request a free home assessment. Please feel free to call us on 0800 29 22 110.

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