How Many Showers Should You Have Each Week?

One of the biggest debates, particularly for people who love a relaxing hot bath, invigorating shower and taking full advantage of high-quality bespoke bathing solutions, is how often you should wash.

Much like the choice between a shower and a bath, how often you bathe is a personal choice, with some people washing multiple times per day and others having a quick dip once a day or sometimes less.

However, there are some dermatologists, including Dr Lucy Chen and Dr Edidiong Kaminska who argue that people are showering way too often.

It is important to regularly shower and clean your extremities to avoid the buildup of sweat, dirt and bacteria which can not only cause dryness and irritation but also can cause harmful fungal and bacterial infections and exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema.

At the same time, however, showering too much can wash away the skin’s natural oils and defences, leading, ironically enough, to dry skin and a weakened immune system by removing a vital skin defence.

It can also cause greasy hair or a dry scalp, depending on the type and amount of shampoo and conditioner used each day.

Dr Chen recommended that people wash for between five and ten minutes every other day as opposed to every day, although this amount can vary considerably depending on individual circumstances.

People with active lifestyles who spend enough time out and about to get sweaty are more likely to need to shower every day, as well as people with oily skin or those who regularly sweat. As well as this, if you are regularly in muddy or dirty environments, regularly showering is important.

If you need to shower regularly but are worried about dry skin, use a moisturising cream whilst your body is drying out to help lock in moisture for longer.


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