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4 Reasons Why A Wetroom Is A Great Option

When it comes to considering options to make a bathroom more adaptable and accessible for the elderly or disabled, specifically to allow a greater quality of life and independent living, it often brings to mind sterile-looking hospital-type facilities, lacking in any warmth or comfort.

But this is certainly not the case, and there is no reason why a bathroom can’t be both accessible, safe, and also welcoming. Independent living solutions and wet rooms are becoming ever more popular, and they also have the benefit of being a fantastic solution for anyone with restricted movement, as well as adding a ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Let’s have a look at why wet rooms are a great bathroom option.


  1. Accessibility

While it may not usually be the reason for the design of a wet room, they are particularly good for the elderly and disabled. The design on a wet room eliminates the need for a shower tray, for example, making access to the shower much easier for everyone.


  1. Improves the quality and value of your property

Traditional bathrooms can be susceptible to leaks and issues with damp, so to have taken care of that by completely waterproofing, or ‘tanking’ the bathroom can only be a good thing.

The desirability of wet rooms also makes your property more attractive if you decide to sell your property.


  1. Improves your space usage

If space is limited, a wet room is a fantastic option for a smaller bathroom, especially if you do not need to want a bath, simply install a shower, opening up the entire room. A wet room means there’s little need for shower enclosures, which can block off a smaller bathroom.


  1. It’s easy to keep clean

A huge benefit of installing a wet room is the ease at which it can be cleaned. As the environment is wet, normal household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to disinfect and keep mould and mildew at bay.

If you’re considering a wet room or a walk-in bath shower combo for added ease and accessibility, contact us today.


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