The Lincoln

Using The Lincoln Hi-Lo bath is as easy as 1, 2, 3


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Step One –Use the thermostatically-controlled taps fill the bath to a depth and temperature that suits you.

Step Two – Gently place the resident in the bath or on the bathing platform. Then just press the button on the hand control and raise the bath to a working height that’s convenient for you, so you don’t have to keep bending over.

Step Three – Press a button on the hand control and the bath is gently lowered. If you’re using a bathing platform, the resident is lifted clear of the water ready to be dried and easily transferred.

The Lincoln includes…

  • Removable backrest and shower options, so you can customise it to suit your needs
  • Optional hoist or sling access, to cater for a wide range of disabilities
  • A 26 stone (165 kg) safe lifting weight when using the bathing platform
  • A full-panel surrounding casement
  • Left or right hand configurations
  • A choice of air or whirlpool spa options
  • A 24 volt power supply with full battery back-up
  • WRAS certification (no. 0904065 with shower, 0904064 without shower) for added peace of mind.
Additional information

Additional information


H: 700mm, L: 1800mm, W: 750mm