Supreme Bio Bidet BB1000

Toilet bidet Seat Shower Spray Combination

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    Simply remove your existing toilet seat, and fit an over the top, toilet bidet seat combination with shower spray. Install a toilet bidet shower and truly enjoy an invigorating or gentle warm water massage and air dry, all from the easy to use and remote controlled toilet bidet spray.

    The Supreme Bio Bidet BB1000 is a luxury disabled toilet bidet seat providing comfort and personal hygiene for the elderly and disabled, who suffer from getting on or off lower height toilets, or have specific toileting problems and special toileting needs.

    Disabled bidets for the elderly

    Our bidets for people with reduced mobility can be fitted to most of the UK’s existing toilets, providing the user with a heated toilet seat, an aerated stream of warm water, a gentle massage, and an air dry facility, through a unique and patented 3 part nozzle system.

    With no need for toilet paper to be used, this UK manufactured bio bidet toilet, is a comfortable raised disabled bidet for both male and females.

    The Supreme Bio Bidet BB1000

    Take a quick look at the Supreme bio bidet BB1000 key features, below.

    • Replaces your existing toilet seat, quick & easy to install
    • Seat sensor with both Male and Female settings
    • Carbon filter deodorizer to eliminate smells
    • Bidet shower spray, heated toilet seat
    • Soft closing seat with toilet bidet cover
    • Easy to clean, self cleans after each use.
    • Control pad for hand or floor operation use.
    • Ideal for toileting problems with NO Paper required
    • New Toilet not required, easy to install
    • Disabled toilets with bidet shower and spray
    • VAT Exemption may apply. Please enquire.

    Please note an approved electrical connection, adhering, to all UK by-laws is required for installing any electrical equipment including the Supreme Bio Bidet.


    • Remote Control – For greater ease of operation and control of various functions
    • 3 in 1 Nozzle – Patented nozzle for 3 cleansing programs
    • Deodoriser – Automatically activated when the seat is occupied
    • Turbo Wash – Whirly mass of soft water spray to stimulate bowel movement
    • Heated Seat – Room Temp ~40°C
    • Pulsating Massage – Pulsating and soothing flow of soft water
    • Power Saving – Two economy options
    • Oscillation – Oscillating movement of washing nozzle for thorough cleansing
    • Hydraulic Seat – Gentle closing of seat and lid
    • Self Cleaning – Automatic self cleaning of washing nozzle before and after use
    • Seat Sensor – Signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation
    • Air Drying – Powerful warm air-drying operation
    • Built in Filter – Protection against lime-scale build up
    • Self Diagnosis – System warns user of any malfunctions
    • Feminine Wash – Soft aerated water spray for feminine cleansing
    • Quick Release – Quick release mechanism to detach seat from toilet
    • Posterior Wash – Soft yet powerful aerated water spray for thorough cleansing