Prinia Shower Trays 1300mm x 800mm

Above ground , with inbuilt gravity waste, only 110mm high

A Prinia shower tray can be quickly and easily installed on any floor type, even an unbreachable surface, with the minimum amount of disruption.
With a built in gravity waste, a Prinia is ideal for installation on an unbreachable floor where a shower waste pump is not required.

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    At 110mm high, a Prinia shower tray doesn’t need floor excavation as the waste water is removed above ground level. The waste pipework can be concealed beneath the shower tray, and also allows the option as to where the waste can exit the tray. We can also install a step (optional), to help ambulant users get in and out. Prinia step in shower trays are available in a wide range of sizes.

    • Step in shower tray, only 110mm high
    • Built in gravity waste with 50mm water seal.
    • Removable top grid allows for easy cleaning
    • Waste flow rate of up to 35 litres per minute
    • Suitable for wooden, solid or unbreachable floor situations
    • Self supporting, does not require bedding down onto a sand and cement mix
    • Waste pipework can be taken out beneath the tray in several positions
    • 55mm step available as an optional accessory on request for assisted entry
    • Lifetime guarantee.
    • Microban built in antibacterial protection
    • Reinforced GRP construction
    • Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip
    • Tray not handed

    Suitability Guide

    Suitability Guide

    Shower enclosures for this above ground, step in shower tray are made to the standard height of 750mm, unless stated, and are supplied with a curtain rail and white satin striped, weighted 4oz curtain.

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