Kingfisher 1850 x 800

£602.00£1,003.00 + VAT

Level access, bath replacement

The Kingfisher is an 1850mm x 800mm level access tray designed as an ideal replacement to a bath tub and to provide unrestricted level access and easy wheelchair entry to the walk in shower.

It can be cut to length on site to fit exactly into the space once occupied by a bath tub. They can be installed within concrete or wooden floors. Level access, bath replacement shower trays require no ramps or steps, ideal for the ambulant or wheelchair users.

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    • 1850 x 800 level access, facilitates effortless wheelchair entry.
    • Lower side walls for greater strength and stability.
    • Can accommodate wallboards.
    • Lifetime guarantee.
    • Microban built in antibacterial protection
    • Requires floor excavation of approximately 40mm
    • Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip
    • Left or right hand available

    Suitability Guide

    Suitability Guide for Kingfisher - 1850x800 level access shower tray

    Kingfisher Options

    Walk in shower enclosures to suit this level access shower tray are made to the standard height of 750mm, unless otherwise stated, and are supplied with a curtain rail and white satin striped, weighted 4oz curtain.

    Additional information

    Additional information


    Tray Only, WF7, WF13, WFX, WF24, WF22, WF26, WF20, WF27

    Product Variations

    Product Variations

    Tray Only

    1850 x 800 level access, guarantees effortless wheelchair entry.
    Lifetime guarantee.
    Exclusively incorporates Microban antibacterial protection.
    Left hand illustrated.

    Price: £602.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Bi-folding door hinging from the wall for corner access.
    Left hand illustrated.
    A – 500 B – 675 C – 665

    Price: £961.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Tri-folding door hinging from the wall for maximum access.
    Left hand illustrated.
    A – 500 B – 675 C – 340 D – 230

    Price: £996.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Single full height fixed panel, 1850mm, with a ribbed vertical support.
    Left hand illustrated.
    A – 800

    Price: £877.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Bi-folding door hinging form the wall for easy access with a fixed panel.
    Left hand fixed panel illustrated.
    This option is made to measure, please advise

    Price: £978.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Bi-parting doors hinging from the wall and fixed panel for access from the right hand side of the shower area.
    Left hand fixed panel illustrated.
    This option is made to measure, please advise.

    Price: £978.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Two Fixed panels with centralised bi-parting doors.
    Left hand illustrated.
    This option is made measure, please advise

    Price: £1003.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Sliding door extends across the front, opening outwards for full access.
    Left hand illustrated.
    Fits between two Walls Minimum 875mm Maximum 1350mm

    Price: £875.00 +VAT


    Kingfisher Tray
    Sliding door extending across the front to meet a 500M fixed panel.
    Fits between two walls Minimum – 1375mm Maximum – 1850mm

    Price: £973.00 +VAT

    Trade customers are entitled to Trade discount, contact us to find out more.