Eagle TWO 1850 x 745 Shower Tray

A fixed length, level access tray for an alcove.

The fixed length, level access, Swift Alcove tray gives you the perfect choice when a practical, quick to install showering alternative is required.

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    Bath replacement, cut to length, level access shower tray range using TRUESEAL2.

    • A showering solution where a bathtub is no longer practical for users with mobility difficulties or requiring wheelchair access.
    • Anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip.
    • Requires the removal of ~14mm of flooring, the equivalent of a floorboard, (apart from the trap area where additional space is required).
    • Shower tray, enclosure and any ancillary equipment can be installed during one site visit, leaving the flooring to be fitted afterwards.
    • 14mm tiling lip is watertight and will accommodate wallboards or wall tiles.
    • With three tiling lips and a central waste position. Either end of the tray can be cut to determine the trays hand for easier installation.
    • Cut to length from original length of 1850mm to fit exactly into the space left by a bath. End plate supplied to conceal the cut end when installed between three walls.
    • Can be used with floor tiles by omitting TRUESEAL2, please state when ordering.
    • Lifetime guarantee.
    • Trays not handed.


    • Manufactured using reinforced glass fibre GRP construction to form a strong and consistent shower tray.
    • Tested to withstand 46 Stone / 270Kg across the entire surface area to simulate a standing person.
    • Hot seam weld the vinyl sheet flooring directly onto the tray’s unique TRUESEAL2 floor edge profile, creating a perfect watertight join.
    • Complies with DIN51097 Barefoot Slip Test.
    • Supplied with McAlpine ST90-CPB-P-70 gravity waste, flow rate up to 35 l/m.
    • Exclusively incorporating Biomaster antibacterial product protection,

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