Compact Plus DC

Chosen by major care home groups, the Compact 1600 and 1700 DC bath is specifically designed for dementia care.

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    With standard features such as WRAS Showersafe gantry, Autofill, digital temperature readout and lockout handset, all with a unique ‘fail-safe’ auto cut off feature, the Compact Plus DC bath offers one of the safest and most effective bathing systems available today.

    The Compact Plus DC variable height bath’s integrated powered seat with its lap strap and nursing arms ensures that the bather is transferred safely and comfortably whilst the unique ‘Slipper’ shaped bath tub cocoons the bather and offers one of the most spacious internal dimensions in a bath of its kind. Hoist transfers are easily facilitated with the Compact Plus DC bath due to the robust GRP panels and hoist access feature, whilst the battery backup ensures that, in the event of mains failure, the client can always be assisted out of the bath.

    Available in two lengths, 1600mm and 1700mm, the Compact Plus DC bath, ensures that you need not compromise even if space is an issue within your bathroom.

    Standard Features

    • Height adjustable bath
    • Integrated powered seat with lap strap and nursing arms
    • Unique ‘slipper’ shape GRP bath shell with hoist access panel
    • Electronic lockout system
    • Autofill water system with digital water readout, TMV3 temperature control and fail-safe lockout system
    • WRAS approved Cat 5 TMV3 shower with fail-safe lockout feature
    • Left or right hand options
    • Battery backup
    • Pop up waste
    • SWL 150kg/24 stones

    Optional Extras

    • Detachable transfer chassis
    • Commode Seat
    • 1600mm or 1700mm lengths
    • Air Spa
    • Bluetooth Sound System
    • Coloured Light Therapy System