Body Dryer

The Body Dryer is the perfect addition to a modern disabled bathroom, offering numerous benefits over more conventional drying solutions.

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    The body dryer is the perfect drying solution for those with limited mobility. The warm pressurised air dries your body in no time reducing the risk of rubbing or chaffing. It can easily be installed in your existing bathroom fitting in shower corners or over a bathtub.

    Body Dryer is a must have item for all modern accessible bathrooms. It gives independence to those with mobility issues who would otherwise need assistance with drying themselves. The warm stream of air quickly dries your body eliminating the need for a towel.

    Benefits include:

    – Air stream of 20˚c quickly dries your body in no time

    – Turn on and off by a push button or via remote air operated bellows

    – More hygienic and environmentally friendly than using a towel

    – Can reduce build-up of mould, mildew and limescale