Why you should choose Absolute Mobility and not an ordinary plumber

Introducing Absolute Mobility

Absolute Mobility specialise in installing walk-in baths and easy access showers for people with reduced mobility. They have extensive experience in designing and advising on bathroom solutions for the elderly and disabled and can tailor a solution to suit each individual’s requirements. They have one of the UK’s largest range of walk-in baths and offer over 150 different shower combinations. Their pricing is highly competitive, often better than firms which advertise nationally and incur high costs when doing so.

Your local plumber – the right option?

When considering who will install your new bathroom adaptation, it is tempting to use the plumber you have used before or a plumber recommended by a friend. Whilst a one man band or small local firm may provide excellent service when it comes to standard everyday bathroom works, they may have never installed a walk-in bath or disability shower. Whilst well intentioned, in-experience can lead to problems that only become apparent after installation.

As with everything, you get what you pay for. When it comes to choosing an installer for your bathroom adaptation you are paying for knowledge as well as skill and expertise. A local plumber who installs many standard baths and showers may have insufficient knowledge of mobility bathrooms and be unable to offer advice on the best solution for your needs. Many will approach the job as just another bath or shower installation, which to their mind is little different to any other bathroom work they have undertaken.

The pitfalls of lack of knowledge and experience

A local plumber maybe able to offer you a much better price than a specialist installer. However, are they aware of the minimum flow rate a boiler must achieve to successfully fill a walk-in bath with an adequate supply of hot water? Do they know how to overcome this? Are they aware of the extra care that must be taken to ensure the bath is completely level? The slightest imperfection will distort the door causing the seal and hinge to fail. Many walk-in baths and easy access showers are available VAT free to people with eligible disabilities and chronic illnesses. Can they offer you the exemption you are entitled to?

A lack of knowledge in the area of specialist, mobility bathing can cost you dearly. Do not confuse a cut price installation by an inexperienced, though well intentioned plumber, who is most likely competent with standard bathroom works, with an installation by a specialist with the knowledge to guarantee your bathroom is fit for purpose.

Call in the experts!

Absolute Mobility have extensive experience fitting mobility bathrooms. Their first step is to assess your mobility needs and advise and guide you on the best solution available. It may be that a shower is more appropriate than a bath, or that a bath is more appropriate than a shower. They will be able to explain each product and offer information on details such as different walk-in bath door shapes and shower seats and grab handles. They can design a solution based on your needs, because they know each individual’s requirements are different and each installation must reflect this.

Once they have advised on the best solution for you, they turn their attention to surveying the current water system and bathroom. The result is a proposal of works that improve your access to your bathroom. As they are experts in this area, you will have a worry free installation as you can be confident the works will be specified and carried out by professionals who work on nothing but mobility bathrooms.

Finally, they can direct you to agencies that can help confirm your VAT status. If you have a chronic illness or disability you may be eligible for a VAT exemption, saving you hundreds of pounds.

See Absolute Mobility’s web site for full details of their products and services and get in touch on 0800 29 22 110 to discuss your requirements or book an appointment with their Mobility Advisor, who can bring an example of a walk-in bath to you on a mobile showroom. Alternatively, if you are local to their Henley on Thames showroom, you can call to arrange an appointment to view and try out examples of their baths.




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