Why Showering For Too Long Can Dry Out Your Skin

There are few everyday pleasures as delightful in winter as enjoying a warm bath or shower, which both makes you feel clean, refreshed and immune from the cold winter chill, at least until you get out.

However, regardless of your choice of bathing solutions, some people find that after a long, relaxing, hydrating soak that their skin feels drier and flakier, which is very often caused by that hydrating bath or shower.

The reason for this is that having healthy, hydrated and moisturised skin is not just about cleansing dirt and oils from pores but also about the natural oils that create a barrier that protects skin cells from damage.

Washing for too long, using products that are too intense for your skin or at too high a temperature can remove this natural barrier and cause skin damage.

One way to tell if it is too long is if a person can see more wrinkles on their fingers than when they entered, a temporary condition caused by an expansion in the keratin in the surface layer of the skin caused by absorbing water.

Exactly how much is too much depends on a person’s skin type, as well as their age, due to less oil being produced by the skin as people get older. Typically, however, it is best to have a bath or shower that is less than ten minutes long at a warm, but not hot temperature.

As well as this, opt for moisturising body washes free of artificial dyes, perfumes or scrubs, and apply a moisturising cream or ointment onto the skin within a few minutes of stepping out of the bath, whilst the skin is still damp.

This will help it to lock in moisture and stop skin from drying or cracking after having a bath. As well as this, keeping the bathroom door closed keeps the room humid, helping to keep your skin moisturised as you finish your wash.


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