What To Consider When Choosing A Mobility Bathroom

Getting a mobility bathroom installed in your home can make bathing and showering enjoyable and simple for anyone in your household with mobility issues. But what considerations should you make when choosing your new bathroom?

Mobility bathrooms are usually associated with people with disabilities and wheelchair users, but they can also be a boon for elderly people and those with illnesses that can make bathing a challenge, such as multiple sclerosis.

Mobility bathrooms have become much more commonplace in the UK, with installations being more accessible and affordable than ever before, as well as being stylish additions to your bathroom. They can help those who struggle with mobility to make full use of the bathroom, as well as enjoy privacy and independence, which many people take for granted.

However, given the amount of choice now available in the market for mobility bathrooms, its important to take time to consider some of the key aspects of the installation.


Design Considerations

You might already have a good idea about the type of bathroom you want, but with so many different design considerations, it would be wise to speak to a specialist company, such as Absolute Mobility, who will be able to advise you on the best solutions.

Do you want to simply add features to improve accessibility, such as handrails, accessible toilets and showers, or do you want a full wet room?

If the primary use of the bathroom is confined to a wheelchair, you will need to establish whether the bathroom adaptions you have in mind will allow enough room for the wheelchair to move freely in the bathroom?


Fixtures & Fittings

Next, you need to look at fixtures and fittings, and determine if there are any areas to focus on, such as will the shower need to accommodate a wheelchair, or will the user transfer to a seat in the shower?

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