recently installed cambridge walk in bath

A Walk-In Bath With Power Seat Was The Ideal Choice

Mr and Mrs G moved to a new property that had a shower. Although they got along with the shower they decided they really missed a bath and set about looking into an easy access bath which could be used with their level of mobility.

Both had used a standard bath at their old property, but had noticed the high sides were becoming a little difficult to step over and agreed this was likely to worsen over the coming years.

They began looking into easy access bathrooms and discovered walk in baths, which looked ideal for their situation. They understood it was a good idea to choose a walk in bath with a power lift seat, to ensure the bath was suitable for their future needs.

The opportunity to try before buying

They approached Absolute Mobility, with the Cambridge walk in bath in mind.  A home appointment was made with one of our Advisors who took along one of our mobile showrooms fitted with a Luxor walk in bath and an Original walk in bath. The mobile showroom offers a chance to try out two different types of walk in bath, a full length walk in bath and a tub style walk in bath.  Many people find the mobile showroom helps them decide if a walk in bath is suitable for them, or whether a walk in shower or a wet room will be a better choice.

Having tried both types of walk in bath, Mr and Mrs G were satisfied a full length walk in bath with a lift seat was right for them. The Luxor they tried on the mobile showroom, has a belt to lift and lower the bather, but Mr and Mrs G preferred the reassurance of a solid lifting seat as offered by the Cambridge.

Having considered their options Mr and Mrs G proceeded to place an order and a fitting date was agreed.

Testing for leaks

The following picture shows the Cambridge being leak tested during installation. All walk in baths are leak tested in the factory prior to dispatch. When fitted they are always leak tested again to ensure they are working correctly.

A door on a walk in bath provides an effective water tight seal and does not fail as long as it is fitted correctly and is looked after properly. If you choose to have a walk in bath, we recommend you always ensure you leave the door open when not in use in order to preserve the seal on the door.

Walk In Bath Leak Test

Powered seat lift

The following pictures show the view of the rear of the Cambridge walk in bath with the bath side panel off, affording a view of the lift actuator and motor. The remaining pictures show the completed bathroom.

Power Seat Motor
Cambridge Walk In Bath Power Seat
Fitted Cambridge Walk In Bath

Need something similar?

If you or a loved one are interested in an easy access bathroom solution, such as a walk in bath, easy access shower or wet room, please get in touch today on 01491 411 041 or browse the Absolute Mobility website.



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