The very latest in walk-in baths! The Easy Riser comes with a power seat to provide assistance lowering and raising into the bath.

Top Tips For A Stress-Free Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most relaxing places in the house, where we soak away the problems of the day. However, it is also can lead to a lot of hassle and stress as we get older, and the many slippery surfaces of the bathroom can become a real accident magnet as we get older.

The last thing we want to do when we have a relaxing soak in a mobility bath is to worry, so here are some top tips to make our bathrooms safer.


Light The Way

Many accidents take place at night when it is dark. This is true for most accidents and even more so for bathroom accidents. It is very easy to trip over an extra step, slip on excess water or a slippery floor mat without realising.

A stick-on light or proximity light that turns on as soon as you reach the door can help to avoid this, as well as clearing the bathroom floor of anything that you could trip over.


Add Grab Bars and Railings

Grab bars, floor to ceiling bars and railings help in several ways. Not only are they useful for extra support in lifting out of the bath but also provide extra support and security when walking around the bathroom.


Design Around Difficulties

When making significant improvements to the bathroom, it is worth considering what kind of support you may need. Mobility baths are particularly helpful for this, as they remove the strain and tension in getting in and out of the bath, leaving you to soak in the relaxation.


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