Tips To Choose The Right Home Care Provider

If you or your loved one require personal care at home, you will know that finding the right agency is of upmost importance. You will need to have every confidence and trust in the people you are letting into your home and your life. Here’s a few things to consider before making your decision.


  1. Work out what type of care is needed

Some people require round-the-clock care, while others may just require a couple of hours a day to help with meals or washing and dressing. You could either arrange care through a professional care agency, or hire a private carer. Hiring privately can be cheaper, but you will also have more responsibilities as an employer.

An agency is more likely to be able to adapt if you or your loved one’s requirements change in the future. Maybe you can manage presently with some home adaptions and special mobility equipment, and the extra help of a cleaner or gardener. Friends and family often step in with support, but consider how this may change your relationship.

Sometimes, people prefer to preserve their role as a spouse/relation/friend, and leave personal care duties to a professional. Arranging care can be a difficult and emotional decision, and requires some honest conversations.


  1. Research the help available in your area

Once you have decided on the type of care required, how often you need visits and at what times of the day or night, you need to find out what care agencies in the local area can meet your needs. This is also a good time to think about how the care will be paid for and what will suit your budget.

You may be entitled to financial assistance from the local authority, either now or in the future, so it is a good idea to contact them and arrange an assessment. They will also be able to recommend or even arrange the care on your behalf.


  1. Look for quality standards

Once you have chosen or made a shortlist of potential care providers that have the experience you require, make sure they are registered with one of the UK’s care regulators. This means they will meet rigorous standards in the quality, safety and provision of all aspects of personal care.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carries out regular inspections and the results are published on their website for public viewing. If the agency is registered with them, they should also be transparent about their latest reports. The agency may also be a member of the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) which works to a Code of Practice.


  1. Meet the staff

Arrange a meeting at your home with the staff of your potential agency and yourself or your loved one. Think of questions you would like to ask in advance. For example, you may want to know what background screening checks they make for staff, what level of qualifications they have, and if they currently care for people with similar needs.

The agency should also carry out a full needs assessment before putting a care package in place.


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