Tips For Choosing The Best Walk-In Bath

Traditional baths can become difficult for elderly and people with reduced mobility to manage, because of the need to step over the high side of the bath. However, there are options which allow the user to enjoy comfortable and safe bathing in their own homes for many years to come. Here’s a look at how to choose a walk-in bath. 

Walk-in baths have a door in the side, to allow the user to step straight in without having to climb over the ledge or side of the bath. Most models will still have a small step height of 8-9 inches, which can be reduced by adding an extra small portable plastic step. They can be fitted with a bath seat if necessary for extra support and comfort. 

Walk-in baths have textured anti-slip flooring to help prevent falls, and the use of grab rails is recommended for extra assistance when getting in and out of the bath. Because the user has to sit in the bath while it fills, it is important to have thermostatic temperature controls to regulate the water temperature and avoid the risk of scalding. 


What different types of walk-in bath are there?

There are three main options of walk-in bath: a full-length walk-in bath, a short length bath with a seat in the upright position, and a walk-in bath and shower

Full-length baths are the same size as a standard bath, with the addition of a door in the side to allow you to walk in and out. They can be fitted with an optional power seat if necessary, for extra help with lowering and raising your position in the bath. 

Short length baths are between 900mm and 1220mm long, with a seat to allow the user to sit upright. The exact size of the bath you need depends on the height of the bather, as taller people may not have enough knee room in the 900mm length, but could sit comfortably in the 1220mm length. 

If you have a smaller bathroom, then a short length bath is an ideal solution, for those who prefer the therapeutic benefits of sitting and soaking in warm water. It is well known that this helps to ease joint pain, and loosen up stiff muscles. 

Walk-in shower baths are the same length as a standard bath, and have extra space at one end to allow for the use of a shower. This is a great option to have a choice between the speed of a shower, or a longer luxurious bathing experience. It is also a good solution for smaller bathrooms where there is not enough room for a separate bath and shower. 

Walk-in baths can be customised further with extra features, such as an air spa, which provides a massage effect to help ease aches and pains.  A colour therapy system, known as chromotherapy, can be installed to provide some extra therapeutic relaxation time. 


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