The Differences Between A Walk-In Shower And A Wet Room

When considering accessible bathroom facilities, many people ask, what’s the difference between a walk-in shower and a wet room?  They are both very popular options for those with limited mobility, and also for anyone who is seeking a stylish and spacious bathroom. Here’s an overview of the main differences.


Walk-in showers

These differ from a traditional shower enclosure or cubicle because they do not have a door, but are separated off from the rest of the room by one or two glass panels. They have a low-profile shower tray, which can be easily accessed by those with restricted mobility.

Walk-in designs also create a larger space for showering, so they are convenient for those who need the assistance of a carer or family member. They are very low maintenance and easy to clean, with minimal fittings, and are relatively inexpensive to install. This style of shower gives a bathroom a modern appeal, and helps to future-proof your home.


Wet rooms

Wet rooms are entirely open-plan spaces, which dispense with the need for a shower tray at all. A glass partition screen to prevent other bathroom fixtures getting wet during the showering process is optional. They are more expensive to fit, because the whole room needs to be sealed and waterproof, and the floor needs to be angled slightly to aid drainage.

Because the raised edge of the shower tray is completely eliminated, they are recommended for those who require wheelchair access to a shower. Not only are they convenient to use, but a wet room is a desirable contemporary feature that is likely to add value to your home, should you want to sell it.

A wet room can be especially suited to a small bathroom, where there is limited space for a conventional bath or shower. They may also provide the means for you or your loved ones to stay comfortable and independent at home into older age.


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