Study Reveals The Most Unusual Happenings In The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most secretive room in the house, despite being the one with the most obvious function.

Whether they take the form of wet rooms, have walk-in showers or baths, our bathrooms tend to be used for much more than washing ourselves.

According to a study published on behalf of B&Q, 42 per cent of the 2000 adults surveyed escape to the bathroom for some peace and quiet away from everyone else.

Of the forty most common uses for the bathroom that are not obvious, the most common was crying, with reading a book being a close second.

The former is perhaps not surprising, given how many people see the bathroom as a place to get some privacy. Another unexpectedly popular use for bathrooms is to hide away from people and others still have fallen asleep either on the lavatory, in the bath or on the floor.

As well as this, not only because of the privacy factor but also because of the acoustics, many of the adults surveyed also reported that they had called friends, loved ones or even their boss whilst in the bathroom.

Some had even taken a video call whilst in the bathroom as well as answered work emails, or even taken and edited photographs whilst in the bathroom.

A further 38 per cent of people who responded claimed to have had their best ideas whilst having a shower or bath, bringing a new meaning to the term “shower inspiration”.

The combination of solitude, relaxation and relief that comes from a well-designed bathroom allows people to truly be themselves and have space for themselves.


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