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Startup Firm Solves Hot Water Dangers For Disabled Showers

Duplx, an Australian startup company, has claimed to have developed a solution to a hazardous situation faced by many disabled shower users.

Access and Mobility Professional reports that for many disabled people, it can be difficult to reach the taps and temperature control of a shower without being able to put their arms or entire body under the shower.

This leads to an increased risk of being scalded by hot water, or the shock of cold water could increase the risks of slips and falls.

The company is introducing a shower mixer control that is situated on the outside of a disabled walk-in shower, which allows the user full control of the temperature of the water before they enter the shower.

Inventor and CEO of Duplx, Colin Opwald said his own experiences with his family had highlighted the danger of hot water to the infirm, and he understood the need for safe showering.

“I was working on the idea of making showering easier through the door and wondered: what if the tap could come to the user?” He said.

“From there I worked to develop the design and patent for Duplx. The end result is a shower tap you can turn on and adjust externally to the shower.”

The shower control took six years to develop, patent and produce for distribution around the world, and Duplx hopes it will provide a solution for hospitals and care home facilities. A video of the product is available here.

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