Spa Bath

Soothe aches and pains with a spa bath upgrade

When considering a walk-in bath, many people focus on their unique easy access features which mean they can finally enjoy a bath safely and comfortably. Obviously these concerns are uppermost in the minds of people buying walk-in baths, but a final consideration should always be given to the addition of a spa. Why? Well, if you intend to enjoy a good long soak in a new walk-in bath, a spa can add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Why upgrade a walk-in bath to a spa bath?

A walk-in bath has an easy to access door, which reduces the threshold to an easy step of around 8 or 9 inches (200mm to 230mm) compared to the height of a standard bath, which can be around 21 inches (535mm).

Some baths have powered seats to aid getting up and down, or moulded seats which make it easier to stand up or sit down. These features make these types of easy access baths secure and relaxing to use. Adding a spa can make it far more soothing and calming.

Many people have found a spa provides welcome relief from sore joints and aching muscles.  However, the effect can vary from person to person with some finding no noticeable effect and others finding a new lease of life.

Spa BathA spa is a sequence of jets placed around the inside of the bath. They take the appearance of small raised nodules which circulate warm air into the bath water causing a bubble effect. The number of nodules varies between different manufacturers, but is generally between 12 and 18 jets, some with variable speeds.

So if you or someone you know has bothersome aches and pains on a regular basis and is considering a walk-in bath, a spa is a feature they should strongly consider adding. Though the soothing benefits vary between users, many people have found a spa bath provides welcome relief from tender pains and sores.

A few points to note when choosing a spa bath

When gathering quotes for a walk-in bath, be sure to ask for the price with a spa and without one so that you can compare pricing and make an informed decision.

Be aware that spas are electrically powered, so an electrician will be required in addition to a plumber, so the costs will be a little higher as an extra trades person is required on the job.

In the long run, the small extra you pay for the spa may well fade into insignificance as you indulge in a regular luxurious bathing experience.

For more information about choosing and installing a walk-in spa bath.  Or if you would like to try one for yourself before you decide to make a purchase, please feel free to contact Absolute Mobility.  We would be happy to talk you through your options or invite you to visit our Henley-on-Thames showroom to see one in action.  Speak to a member of our team on 0800 29 22 110.

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