Should You Use An Eco Showerhead?

One of the biggest myths in the world of bathing solutions is the idea that showers are always more water-efficient than baths.

In the early days of showers from Dr Merry Delabost’s communal showers in the 1870s up until the 1980s, this was more likely to be the case.

Water flow rates before the invention of the power shower were much slower, meaning that a short, cleansing shower would use considerably less water than a bath would, but with more powerful showers comes extra water usage.

This is one of the reasons why eco shower heads have become a popular solution, providing the therapeutic feeling of a power shower without using any more water than a standard shower, helping to make it a more efficient way to get clean.

Eco shower heads mix hot water with air in a complex system that makes a shower feel more powerful without using as much water. Other water-saving systems pulsate the water, add a flow regulator to the shower hose or reduce the flow rate entirely.

Here are some of the reasons you should use an eco shower head.


If Your Shower Passes The Twelve-Second Test

Eco shower heads primarily benefit mixed showers with water-intensive power showers that use a lot of water. A simple test you can do to see how powerful your shower is to get a two-litre bucket, place it on the shower floor and time how long it takes to fill whilst the shower is on full.

If it takes less than ten seconds, that means it is dispensing ten litres of water every single minute, and you could benefit from a low-flow showerhead.


If You Are Using A Metered Heating System

As you are using less water you are naturally also needing to heat less water, which can not only save money on water bills but heating bills as well. This is more prominently felt if using a metered system, but you can still feel the benefits if you have a fixed-price heating plan.


If You Are Not Using An Electric Shower

Eco shower heads are designed for use with shower systems that use your boiler’s heating system to warm the water, and whilst they can provide benefits for certain types of showers, they should not be used with electric showers.

The simple reason for this is that electric showers already use a range of systems to make showers more efficient, but certain types of eco shower heads can cause damage to your shower unit.

Specifically, showerheads with an integrated flor regulator restrict the flow of water, which in an electric shower can make it build up in the heater tank, causing an overheating shower that could become damaged as a result.


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