Plumbers And Shower Experts Warn Against Social Media Shower Hack

One of the most popular bathing solutions at the moment is a high-pressure showerhead which adds a therapeutic massage effect and a satisfying geyser of water.

There are several ways to get this, from more straightforward high-pressure showers, improved main units and eco-showers that provide a power shower effect but use less water through clever design.

However, one suggestion that has been thoroughly rejected by plumbers and shower designers alike is one that has been shared around on the social media website TikTok over 4.8m times, that involved intentionally damaging the plastic flow restrictor in the showerhead.

The initial video described it as a “simple fix” that increases the water pressure of the shower, but neither is in fact the case. The water pressure is regulated by the water supply and the shower unit itself, not the flow regulator, and drilling into this would only change the flow of water.

This results in a higher volume but not more powerful shower, and can have more substantial negative effects on your shower and even your entire water supply.

Flow restrictors, according to one expert cited, can cause temperature issues, particularly for the majority of homeowners who have a combi-boiler, and the drilling process itself is potentially dangerous enough to cause accidents that require a hospital visit.

As well as this, as is to be expected, unauthorised modifications to a part of the shower will void any warranty on it, and even if you choose to replace the flow restrictor later, there are different coloured ones for different rates, and finding out which is the right one may require contacting the manufacturer.

As well as this, even if you avoid other issues, the end result will be a higher volume of water, which increases the amount of water used and your resulting water bills without any extra power.


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