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Is A Mobility Bath Or Walk-In Shower Better?

When it comes to baths or showers, it is more than a matter of preference. It is a question of needs, comfort and convenience, and different solutions are better for different people.

In terms of accessible bathrooms, the main options are mobility baths (which take the form of power-assisted or walk-in baths) or walk-in showers and wet rooms.

Which option is best for you can depend on your mobility, your current bathroom and personal preference.


Mobility Bath

A mobility bath is a range of bathtubs that are more accessible for people with limited mobility. A traditional bath has a high lip, which can cause difficulties in getting in and out.

Power-assisted bathtubs or power baths solve this with the use of a moving seat which lifts someone in and out.

There are a number of models of this with different complexities ranging from bath lifts that can be applied to an already existing bathtub to seats that lift a person in and safely out of a bath.

Another option is a walk-in bathtub, which features a water-tight door that closes before the bath is filled.

A bath is incredibly relaxing and takes up very little space, however, because the bath needs to be filled when the person is already in and they cannot leave until it drains, it can take longer than a walk-in shower.

Water usage may also be the issue, with an average bath using twice as much water as an average shower.


Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is fast and easy to use, and due to being a simpler design than a mobility bath can be built into wet rooms to allow for people of all accessibilities to use it.

Due to the size of a walk-in shower, however, there may need to be adjustments made to your bathroom to accommodate it.

As well as this, whilst many mobility baths will also have shower functionality, a walk-in shower is single-use.


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