Industrial Designer Creates Real-Time Water-Recycling Shower System

An industrial designer studying at Loughborough University has created a system that allows people with limited water supplies to have an unlimited high-pressure shower, revolutionising off-grid bathing solutions.

Aran Kalogroulis’ Endless Shower takes up to 15 litres of water, filters and sterilises it in a closed-loop, allowing people to have as long a shower as they like whilst only using 15 litres of water.

By comparison, a modern power shower will use that much water in as little as a minute, whilst the device only uses that much water in a 30-minute shower.

It filters this water through a four-step process, starting with Hach strip water testing, a sediment filter that filters down to just 5 microns, a steriliser that uses UVC technology, and finally an activated carbon filter that absorbs chemicals and biomaterial out of the water.

As well as this, it uses a 12V pump that generates three times the pressure of mains water when activated, which creates pressure equivalent to a power shower.

The device was initially designed with alternative living situations in mind, such as living in caravans, motorhomes and in homes that otherwise have limited access to mains water supplies, where it could be teamed with an atmospheric water generator.

These devices take humid air and extract the water vapour from it to produce drinkable water, and would when paired with a water recycling system save even more water without compromising the quality of a shower.

The Endless Shower is not the first product of its kind, however, with the Hydraloop winning awards for its ability to reduce tap water consumption by almost half, by collecting water from baths, showers, washing machines and air conditioning units and reusing it for irrigation and flushing toilets.

Unlike the Endless Shower, however, it was not designed for showers and is not drinkable water.


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