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If You Own Or Manage A Care Home, Will Your Bathroom Pass Inspection?

If you’re in the care home business as an owner or manager you’ll know the bathroom can be one of the areas that falls under close scrutiny. In fact, inspector’s concerns over the bathroom seem to be a recurring factor when it comes to homes receiving inadequate ratings. Some can even close not long after receiving such a negative verdict, leading to the residents suffering the upheaval of relocation and the community losing a vital care facility.

The causes of an inadequate bathroom rating can be varied and the solutions equally variable. Simple maintenance issues such as missing locks, damaged door hinges or faulty taps can be easily fixed. Poor hygiene conditions may be remedied by specialist cleaning and implementing a properly managed cleaning schedule. Whilst financial considerations will be behind many decisions to close a care home, some commentators have remarked that more could be done to turn around failing homes, either by way of a change of ownership and management, or investment in new facilities.

In a care home, a bathroom is an asset like any other business asset. During its life span it provides utility and receives use which causes deterioration. Scheduled cleaning and prompt maintenance can help preserve it, but just like any other business asset it will reach a point where it is no longer viable and will require replacing. However, many care homes soldier on with a bathroom that needs replacing and risk failing an inspection due to lack of investment. The inspector’s report may well come as a surprise, requiring immediate attention at a time when cash funding may not be readily to hand within the timescale laid down for improvement. In such circumstances, closure may well be one option on the table.

To avoid becoming a victim of circumstance, it is important for a well managed care home to act ahead of the curve . It’s good practice to replace tired and worn out assets before they become liabilities which can potentially derail the smooth operation of an otherwise well run business.

Absolute Mobility specialise in designing and installing adapted bathrooms for the mobility market. We work with care homes and nursing homes as well as private residences upgrading bathrooms to meet the needs of residents with impaired mobility.

In recent years a growing number of care homes have sought us out to complete their new bathroom works due to our enviable reputation on and Which? Trusted Traders, which assures customers of a first class service to renew your bathroom facilities.

For more information on upgrading your care home bathroom facilities please feel free to speak to us for guidance and advice on 01491 411 041.

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