How To Keep Seniors And Vulnerable Safe In Winter

It seems only yesterday we were all basking in the sun, but with winter snow on the way, frigid temperatures, inclement weather, and icy conditions are to be expected for the next few months. This can lead to perilous conditions for walking and driving and can be a dangerous time for senior citizens and those with serious health concerns.

It means it is important that we take measures to help protect the more vulnerable in society, from getting COVID-19 and flu booster vaccines to clearing ice and snow from walkways to sucking up on groceries and supplies for the winter season.

We have a look at some ways to help ensure the safety of seniors and this with mobility issues throughout the colder months


Stock up on medications and medical devices

Anyone who has health conditions must have at least a seven-day supply of their medications, and keep a list of all the medications, dosages, frequency, and contact information for the prescribing doctors and pharmacists. It is also a good idea to keep back-ups of wheelchair batteries, oxygen, and other medical devices.


Create an emergency contact list

Winter storms can sometimes lead to road closures and transport issues, making it difficult to check in with elderly or vulnerable relatives. Write a contact list of friends and family who live close by, as well as neighbours, who would be happy to check-in if you are unable to.


Prepare for power outages

While power outages are not that common, they can happen. Ensure that flashlights are located in easy to find places, and have fresh batteries. A battery-powered radio is also a good idea, as are portable power packs for charging mobile phones.


Shovel and salt walkways

Slips and falls are a common cause of injury for seniors, as there is a much higher risk of breaking bones or being unattended for hours. Ensure that pavements, paths, and other walkways are clear of ice and snow. Also, check that those in your care have appropriate footwear for the season.


Prepare the home

There are various ways you can help seniors and the vulnerable at home, such as installing mobility bathrooms that help those with mobility issues use the facilities easier.


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