How To Create An Ergonomic Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most hard-working parts of the house and, as such, it’s essential that it continues to serve the user as best it can… which may mean making adaptations over time to account for changes in accessibility needs.

Ergonomic bathrooms take user needs into account, making sure that all the technical aspects of this room are in situ while also making sure that the practical (and stylish) requirements of the user are considered, as well. 

The end result? A beautiful and luxurious bathroom that is easy to use, with features based on the requirements of each individual.

Part of the problem is that these rooms are often the smallest of them all in the house, so it’s essential that proper attention is given to space planning before any work is carried out. This will help ensure that the fixtures and fittings are in the best place possible for the end user.

Zoning the bathroom is a good first design step to take, creating wet and dry areas of the space so you can ensure that the end result will be easy and safe to use. Zoning can be easily achieved through the use of glass partitions, sliding doors and other such features.

Your lighting system is another top priority for consideration, as well. Without proper lighting, bathrooms can quickly become dangerous to use. Focusing on ambient and natural light, as well as task lighting, is the key to getting bathroom lighting design a success.

Wall mounting the likes of sinks, basins and toilets can be a useful strategy, as it means they can easily be installed at a comfortable height for the user… and it will be easier to adjust this in the future if any changes take place.

If you’d like any further help or advice, get in touch with the Absolute Mobility team today to discuss disabled bathroom design.

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