The very latest in walk-in baths! The Easy Riser comes with a power seat to provide assistance lowering and raising into the bath.

How To Choose A Bath Lift

For anyone who lives with limited mobility, whether due to injury, age, or disability, it’s important to their quality of life to be able to live independently.

There is a wide range of solutions to help out loves ones live more independent lives, from alarms to be able to call for help in case of a slip or fall, to bath lifts to provide a solution to getting in and out of the bath.

For independent bathing as well as being able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, a bath lift or bath cushion is a necessary piece of equipment that can offer the elderly or disabled the choice to take a safe and comfortable bath.


What is a bath lift?

A bath lift is a bathing aid that gently lowers the user into the bath so that they are submerged in the water as normal. The bath lift will then lift the user to the top of the bath when finished so they can safely get out again.

Electric bath lifts are usually operated by the user or a carer with a waterproof remote control that is easy to use. The bath lift can be secured to the bottom of the bath by fixing its strong suction cups that sit underneath the seat.

Bath lifts come with a compressor or battery which makes them rechargeable, and also offer safety features where, if there is not enough battery to raise the lift, it will not lower the user in the first place so no event occurs where the user gets stuck at the bottom of the bath.


Why should I choose a bath lift?

If you have limited mobility or are experiencing difficulty when getting in and out of the bath, a bath lift for the elderly could be a suitable choice.

A bath lift is also suitable for anyone who experiences dizziness or balance problems as it offers a seated platform to lower yourself into the tub. When using a bath lift, you need to be able to maintain a seated position and lift your legs over the side of the bath while seated.


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