How Can You Optimise Your Home For Wellbeing?

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of just how important our surroundings are to our mental and physical wellbeing. As many of us have spent more time at home than usual in the recent past, this has led to a new trend for optimising our homes to enhance our wellbeing. Here are some of the main areas to think about. 


The importance of natural light

Natural light can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. According to Neuroscience News, a recent study of over 400,000 participants in the UK found that lack of daytime light exposure led to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. 

People who spent the greatest amount of time in natural daylight reported the lowest levels of mood and sleep disorders. While getting out and about on sunny days is ideal, it can be a matter as simple as opening all the curtains as fully as possible with tie backs, including net curtains and blinds, in the morning to allow extra light to flood into your home. 

Moving your favourite chair closer to a window can also help to make a difference, as can simply making sure the window panes are kept sparkling clean. Other tips include hanging extra mirrors to help bounce more light around the room, and decorating in light colours to help reflect more light. 


Creating a safe haven

If you live in a big messy household, which is often full of pets and kids, it is important to create a safe haven where you can shut the door on it all for a while. This might even just be nook in a living or dining room, which has a comfortable chair and is free from stressful clutter. 

It may be the bathroom, where you can relax and pamper yourself after a long day. Soaking in warm water is an age-old method of refreshing both the body and the mind, as the Romans obviously knew! Being submerged in warm water can calm the nervous system, reducing pain levels, easing stiff muscles, and lowering anxiety and stress levels.


Optimising the bedroom for sleep

Good quality sleep is one of the most fundamental ways in which we can improve our mood, boost concentration levels, and even ward off degenerative mental conditions such as dementia. 

Blocking out artificial light sources with blackout blinds, and turning off or covering electronic lights before you go to bed, can lead to a more restful night’s sleep, as light stimulates the nervous systems and raises body temperature. If you find you are waking up too hot or cold frequently, adjust the bedclothes or heat source until you feel comfortable.

Make sure that your mattress is of the right level of firmness to support you during the night. If it is over eight years old, it may have reached the end of its lifespan and need replacing. Natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, will allow your body to moderate temperature naturally during the night, helping you to feel comfortable. 

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