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How a Relaxing Bath is Great For You

There are few aspects of life as refreshing and relaxing as a warm, soaking bath, and the benefits to one’s well being are evident as soon as you feel the hot water on your skin. However, there are more tangible benefits to a bath than well being. Did you know that taking a power-assisted bath will give you a range of health benefits beyond being clean? Here are some of the most surprising benefits of a soak in the tub.


Bathing is Good for Your Heart

Having a warm relaxing, enjoyable bath is highly beneficial for your heart and encouraging blood flow around the body. According to a study in the journal, Scientific Reports, people over 60 who have a warm bath five times a week have improved cardiac health and circulation of blood. Part of the reason for this could be that blood flows better when the body is warm and will flow to extremities easier, as well as make the heart beat faster and provide a healthy workout.


Bathing is Good for Your Lungs

Soaking in a bath and making sure your chest is submerged is excellent for your lungs for a few major reasons. Because your heart is beating faster due to the warm water, your lungs also deliver oxygen more effectively to the rest of your body. As well as this, the pressure of the water helps improve the strength of your lungs, helping your overall health.

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