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Future Proof Your Bathroom

Even at the best of times, the bathroom can be a hazardous place, accounting for a large number of accidents in the home. It does not help matters if you are getting unsteady on your feet.

Increasingly a number of older people, who are in good health, are preparing for a time when their mobility may reduce due to unforeseen health issues or age related wear and tear. Part of these preparations include making  changes around the home. Though no one knows what the future holds and therefore exactly what may be around the corner, there are some common sense reasons for opting to change the bathroom now in advance of future declining mobility.

Preparation now avoids the upheaval of major works at a time when you need it least, such as at a time of illness or accident. Changes around the home now mean people can retain their future independence and remain in their own home.

Step free shower access

In order to prepare the bathroom for the future, the best solution is installing a level access walk-in shower. This eliminates the need for a step in shower or high sided bath, which can be a real struggle to use if you have balance, arthritis or joint problems. Installing a level access shower also means the shower is wheelchair accessible, (though be sure to use a shower tray that can take the weight of a wheelchair).

level access shower tray

Easy clean shower screens

Modern looking glass shower screens can be installed now and can be easily replaced at a later date with half height shower screens.  These lower height screens are suitable for carer assistance if that ever becomes necessary in the future.

stylish accessible wet room

Additional safety features

Grab handles can also be added which are a huge help when moving from sitting to standing, an action that many elderly people find needs a bit of additional support. Sometimes it is small changes that make a huge difference.

shower grab rail


When changing a bathroom for use by people with reduced mobility, be sure to use a company who are specialist in mobility bathing. Absolute Mobility have access to mobility specific materials, such as shower trays that support the weight of a wheelchair, and more importantly have the expert knowledge to help guide the design of a bathroom for people with reduced mobility.

Absolute Mobility can handle all aspects of the installation works and have undertaken all kinds of work for their customers, from refurbishing bathrooms to creating new bathrooms in garages or spare rooms. A typical shower can be fitted in three to five days depending on the level of work, with room and garage conversions taking longer, depending on scale.

If you are interested in a safe to use, easy to access shower for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch with Absolute Mobility who specialise in designing and installing easy access showers, wet rooms and walk-in baths for people with reduced mobility.

Absolute Mobility

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