Future Must-Have Smart Bathroom Gadgets

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in smart devices that can help keep our homes safer, such as smart lightbulbs that turn on when someone enters the room, smart thermostats that can be adjusted with a mobile phone, and all kinds of smart media devices.

Recently, the world of Internet of Things connectivity has started to enter the bathroom as well, which whilst bringing its own complexities is not entirely surprising.

Full-sized walk-in showers are carefully designed to have as low a shower tray as possible, and walk-in baths have cleverly designed valve doors that lock when a bath starts and only unlock once the water has drained automatically.

With that in mind, here are some must-have bathroom gadgets.


Smart LED Mirrors

A bathroom mirror presents a world of possibilities to a designer, and so there has been a range of mirrors that offer all kinds of extra features beyond a piece of reflective glass so you can see your face in the morning.

Some smart mirrors have a screen built inside of them that can not only show TV shows but also can be used to search the internet, check the news and weather and can connect to smart assistants who can provide voice-activated support.

Some of them also have LED ring lights to help you look your best.


Smart Taps

Whilst having a set of taps with a touch screen may seem like overkill, especially since it means you would have to use it with wet hands, smart taps can be a very handy device to make sure you have water that is just right for washing and avoid scalding.

Basic taps will have automatic sensors like the taps in public bathrooms, set to a temperature you want in advance, but more advanced ones will have voice activation and facial recognition to automatically bring up your preferred temperature.

Similarly, smart showerheads are also available that work in a similar way.


Shower-Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can connect to most other devices in your home, such as your mobile phone or tablet, and can let you play your favourite music in the shower with no problems.

Some of these speakers even connect to the shower directly, being powered by the jets of water, meaning you never need to recharge them.


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