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Easy Access Showers

When showers are an appropriate choice

An easy access shower is an ideal choice for a less mobile person. For people who prefer to shower the decision is an easy one to make. However, many people who prefer a bath find the decision to install a shower a difficult one to make because it is not what they are used to and, of course, once installed it will be a permanent addition to the home.

An easy access shower has much to commend to a less mobile person. The shower hose makes it convenient to wash all over, whilst the doors can provide wide and easy access. Full height grab poles at the entrance can provide a steady support if required, along with additional grab rails within the showering area. Level access shower trays can provide safe and easy entrance and egress.

An easy access shower is an ideal future proof choice in situations where mobility may decline in future years. Showers are easier to access then a bath tub. Half height shower doors are perfect for carer assistance. The carer can remain on the outside of the showering area, whilst leaning in to assist a person in the shower area. If the user has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, a shower should always be considered as it will permit future easy access and assisted showering.

Shower tray step height options

The step height achievable is governed by the technical aspects posed by each site and also budget. Level access permits easy walk-in, walk-out access with no step to negotiate. Low level step heights can be achieved between 40mm and 80mm. With level access and some low level shower trays, the waste pipe has to be located below floor level. Level access can still be achieved with concrete floors, but in order to confirm what will work with your bathroom you should consult an expert installer, such as Absolute Mobility, who have extensive experience with these types of installations.

As a rough guide, the lower the level required the more budget will be needed. However, level access can still be achieved within a reasonable budget for bathroom works.

Accessible shower accessories

A new shower installation provides more flexibility than a bath tub. In addition to easy access step heights, additional support poles and grab rails can be added in convenient positions to assist accessibility. Free standing or wall mounted shower seats can be added to give the shower user a solid base of support. A wall mounting bracket allows the seat to be folded away when not required, permitting other members of the family to use the shower area.

Absolute Mobility have over a hundred different combinations of shower tray and door enclosures. Combined with a wealth of accessories, including Mira shower units, they can design a shower solution to suit the user, as well as taking account of any site specific details and the purchasers budget. With Absolute Mobility you will not receive a one size fits all shower cubicle. Instead a shower will be designed around you and your requirements.

Please take a look through out website for full details of all our products and services. Alternatively please call 0800 29 22 110 to discuss your requirements or book an appointment with one of our Mobility Advisors. If you are local to their Henley on Thames showroom, you can call to arrange an appointment to view and try out examples of our accessible shower installations and walk-in baths.

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