Do You Really Save Money By Showering?

As Brits face a cost-of-living crisis due to rising fuel prices, steep bills and increasing food costs, many people are considering different ways they can save themselves money. One of these could be to reduce the amount of water they use.

It has long been said that showering instead of having a daily bath is one good way to lower bills, as you need a lot less water having a shower than you do to fill a bathtub.

According to Water Wise, this is true, as a bath typically uses 80 litres of water each time. In comparison, the average showerhead releases 12 litres per minute. For a five-minute shower, this equates to 60 litres, which is less than the average bath.

However, it really depends on the efficiency of your shower and how long you spend under the water every day. For instance, a power showerhead expends 15 litres per minute, which amounts to 75 litres for a five-minute shower. Those who like to spend longer soaking up the water and washing themselves could use a huge 150 litres for just ten minutes in a power shower, which is significantly more than a bath.

Instead, Water Wise recommends a “short shower with an efficient showerhead”. As baths and showers account for more than a third of water consumption in the house, this will make a big difference to water bills.

What’s more, energy billpayers should also consider the amount of money it takes to power a shower. According to Metro, a ten-minute shower requires 5.76 kWh of energy, which means each shower costs between 69p and £1.88, depending on the provider.

The newspaper found that having a soak, such as in an easy-access bath, in fact, could be cheaper, costing between 45p and £1.26 for a 100-litre bath.


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