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Disabled Want Greater Public COVID-19 Precautions

The disability review site, Euan’s Guide, has published findings from its survey that quizzed disabled people about their concerns when visiting shops and venues as the coronavirus lockdown measures are slowly eased.

Euan’s Guide ran the ‘COVID Concerns and Precautions Survey‘ from 18 June to 19 July, and asked 450 disabled people about their opinions and views on the lockdown restrictions, and how they are affected by the measures and guidance given from the government.

They were asked about the concerns they have about visiting public places, venues and shops, and what measures could be taken to enable safer and more accessible visits, as well as which online services and activities they would prefer to see remain after the lockdown.

Euan MacDonald, Co-Founder of Euan’s Guide, explained that the Guide wanted to ensure that disabled people feel comfortable and confident when returning to stores

“Venues need to share detailed and up-to-date information on their COVID precautions and disabled access online. This information is useful to anyone and everyone that wants to stay safe after being so cautious in the past few months,” he said.

The main complaint (82 our cent) from respondents was that people were not respecting social distancing guidelines, and almost three-quarters aired concerns about not having access to public toilets, as well as the requirement to queue outside shops, particularly in unsuitable weather.

Respondents were asked what stores and venues could do to help encourage disabled people to visit safely, which included (84 per cent) having sanitising stations at an accessible height, and (83 per cent) wanted accessible routes to allow independent navigation through stores.

Euan’s Guide has urged retailers and venues to take note of the findings from the study to better implement changes that welcome disabled people back, and that existing COVID-19 precautions do not exclude disabled people, as well as sharing information about their disabled access and coronavirus precautions to further improve their support.

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