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Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes which can make them more difficult to use if a person’s mobility becomes impaired in some way. What was once a bathroom that could be used without a second thought can fast become treacherous ground. When the bathroom becomes difficult to use it is time to consider making changes, This may mean a new walk-in bath or a shower or wet room.

Slate_Cam_Front_Open_AvrailAn obvious consideration is whether the dimensions of the room itself are open to these sorts of adaptations and people can spend a lot of time needlessly dwelling on this point. In many cases there is no need to worry. If the bathroom already has a bath or shower in it, there is no reason why a new walk-in bath or easy access shower will not fit. These new items are no bigger or smaller than standard baths or showers.

For example walk-in baths are available in a variety of sizes. Full length walk-in baths start at 1500mm long, the same starting point for a regular full length bath. They can go up to 1700mm long, which is the maximum length of most standard baths (though some standard baths do go to larger sizes).

Another type of walk-in bath is known as the short length, sit in tub. This style of walk-in bath is the type most people are familiar with when they think about a walk-in bath. The bather sits upright on a moulded seat, the effect being a little like sitting on a dining room chair. These types of baths start from as little as 900mm long.

Walk in bathDue to their small, compact size they are ideal for fitting into smaller bathrooms or even a corner of a larger bathroom. In some cases, people have even added them to the corner of a bedroom as part of an en-suite project. If used to replace a full length bath of around 1500 – 1700mm long, the space saved can be used to add a new storage area, which is always welcome in a bathroom.

If the requirement is for an easy access shower, a bath replacement shower tray may be of interest. These types of shower trays can be trimmed to suit the exact space that a bath occupied, thereby turning the bath footprint into a showering area. Of course, shower trays also come in many different standard sizes, which can be smaller than the footprint of a bath.

With these available items, any bathroom, regardless of size, can be adapted to suit a person with mobility needs. If you are planning this kind of adaptation for your bathroom, please contact Absolute Mobility on 0800 29 22 110, who offer a design and installation service using these types of products.

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