Combining Style And Accessibility In Your Bathroom

An accessible bathroom is one of the key features that allows people to remain living independently in their own homes. However, many people think that a functional bathroom can’t also be aesthetically pleasing, and are put off from making necessary adaptions that would make their lives much easier and safer.

With modern designs, this is simply not true anymore, and it is perfectly possible to have a bathroom that is a welcoming and attractive place to be, as well as practical and user-friendly. Here are some ideas on how to adapt your bathroom without compromising on style. 


Ask yourself what issues need addressing first

To makes sure that the adaptations are most appropriate to your needs, ask yourself which issues you need assistance with in the bathroom. For people with limited mobility, the key challenge is getting in and out of the shower easily and safely. This may mean incorporating a bath lift, a walk-in bath and shower, or a power bath with an assisted seat transfer system.

Another option may be installing a wet room or walk-in shower, which can reduce the risk of trips, slips, and falls, and provide room for a wheelchair, and/or a carer to assist with washing. Other issues may include assistance in getting up from a toilet, and turning taps on and off.


Make the most of the minimal look

Accessible bathrooms should be as obstruction-free as possible, for obvious reasons. This chimes perfectly with the contemporary trend for minimalist bathrooms, which look clean and spacious. Built-in storage can help to keep clutter off floors and surfaces, and can be wall mounted at a convenient height.

Wall hung units can save space, and are easier to keep clean. Wall-mounted toilets, which can be fitted at the right height to suit a wheelchair user, are essential, as are grab rails on either side, to allow the user to lift and transfer themselves independently. Wall hung basins can also be fitted at a suitable height for wheelchair users.


Make the most of modern tech

The latest touch technology is being used in the most up to date bathrooms, and it is also ideal for people with mobility issues. For example, smart bidet toilets with a combined wash and dry feature, remote control, and night light, are a very useful addition to any bathroom, no matter who it is designed for.

Taps with motion sensors fitted, so they turn on and off automatically with no twisting or pushing required, may be ideal for those who have difficult manipulating handles and levers. Motion sensor lights, which automatically switch on when the user enters the bathroom, are both energy-saving and an extra safety feature.

In the shower, thermostat controls on the temperature can prevent the water getting too hot. Some modern shower designs also have warm air body dryers, which are ideal for those who find towel drying an awkward and time-consuming process, which leaves them exposed to cold air, and fungal infections. 


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